Layla Moran

Teachers pay rise decision won’t solve funding and retention crises in Oxfordshire’s schools - Moran

Layla Moran has welcomed an increase in teachers pay but has warned that a lack of money to fund salary increases will lead to further cuts to school budgets.

Layla said:

“Lifting the pay cap for some teachers is welcome news following years of restraint when teachers have put up with a real-terms pay cut.

“But not all teachers will receive a real terms pay rise. The most experienced teachers – who are leaving the profession in droves after years of being overworked and underpaid – will still lose out.

“As always, the devil will be in the detail. The Department for Education isn’t receiving any new funding from the Treasury, so where is the money for these pay rises coming from?

“We know that schools are being be asked to fund part of the pay rise: a huge challenge when they’re already at crisis point.

“But the rest will come from stealth cuts to funding pots, programmes and other parts of the Department for Education’s budget. What are teachers and students across Oxfordshire going to miss out on as a result of Damian Hinds’ failure to secure new money from the Treasury for this desperately needed pay rise?

“Crucially, the Government must also commit to monitoring the effect of this further pay cut for senior teachers and school leaders and the number who leave the profession this coming year.”

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