Layla Moran

Testing and tracing : Ministers have taken their eyes off the ball

Testing and tracing : Ministers have taken their eyes off the ballLayla Moran MP has criticised the Government for spending days defending Dominic Cummings when they could have been reassuring the public and delivering the Coronavirud Testing and Tracing scheme. 

Lib Dem Leadership candidate Layla Moran MP said“The Government is woefully late on testing and tracing, and this prolonged delay means we are more at risk of a second surge in Coronavirus cases. All these delays mean we face potentially severe consequences to staff and patients. The glaring hole in this scheme is the need for the Health & Safety Executive to be empowered to inspect premises if an outbreak is found at a workplace or public space. 

"As this rolls out, we keep also in mind civil liberties. I am urging both the Information and the Biometrics Commissioners to undertake 3 weekly reviews, like other parts of Government are, to make sure that citizens rights are fully and totally protected.

“Ministers have taken their eyes off the ball on both testing and tracing. They have spent days fighting to defend Dominic Cummings, rather than reassuring the public and delivering this scheme, which is our critical route out of the lockdown.”

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