Layla Moran

The statue of Cecil Rhodes must come down

Layla Moran MPLayla Moran MP has responded to renewed calls from campaigners for Oriel College Oxford’s statue of Cecil Rhodes to be removed.

Layla Moran MP has also written to Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick urging him to issue clear advice to local councils on the removal of statues and street sign names associated with the slave trade. 

Layla said:  “The statues of white supremacists and slave merchants should not still be standing in our cities. That’s why the statue of Cecil Rhodes must come down.

“I’m not endorsing vigilante action – but I would urge Oriel College in the strongest terms to think about what message this statue sends in 2020, and to remove it.

“More broadly, we need a clear process for assessing and removing these statues, in conversation with local communities. Most people were never asked for their views at the time, so I believe that must happen now.

“We need to have a frank and open national debate about our history and legacy, but that will only succeed by engaging with local communities across the country.”


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