Layla Moran

The time for exceptionalism and ideology is over; lives must come first.

Layla Moran MP

Layla Moran has responded to the Sunday Times reports (paywall) on the Government's Coronavirus response.

Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran has:

  • Slammed a 'costly and unforgivable catalogue of errors and incompetence'
  • Called for the Government to commit to an Inquiry
  • Called on Government to learn lessons from neighbours and join joint EU schemes for PPE and ventilators

Layla commented “These reports have exposed a costly and unforgivable catalogue of errors and incompetence. It is just devastating that lives could have been better protected, had the Government acted differently.
“Once we’re through the peak of the crisis the Government must face an inquiry as to how these devastating errors were made. I’m calling on them to immediately commit to this inquiry and be held to account for their actions – or lack of them.
“In the meantime, the time for exceptionalism and ideology is over. The Government must look to neighbours and experts, and quickly learn lessons on how to test, trace, and build a safe exit strategy. They must take part in joint EU procurement schemes for ventilators and PPE without delay. Lives must come first.”


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