Layla Moran

Tories to Slash Local Services

Local roads and pavements will get worse, bus services will be cut and day centres for the elderly will close under the latest Conservative proposals at the County Council.

 Cllrs Alison Rooke & Neil Fawcett want to see key services retained

Abingdon County Councillors Neil Fawcett & Alison Rooke want to see key services, such as

Children's Centres retained, alternative financing options considered & real efficiency savings sought.


The Tories on the County Council have announced proposals to cut a further £50mn from their budget over the next four years in anticipation of further cuts from the Conservative Government.

The announcement made on Monday 9th November by Tory Chancellor George Osborne confirmed that the Department for Communities and Local Government had provisionally agreed to cut their spending by about 30 per cent over the next four years, affectively confirming this. You can read more about the Chancellor's announcement on the BBC's website.

With a total of £292mn either already removed or planned to be cut between 2010/11 and 2017/18, the prospect of a further £50mn of cuts between 2016/17 and 2019/20 to be announced in February will make for a very bleak budget.

Commenting, Cllr Bob Johnston said, "The Lib Dems believe that some of this is self inflicted, made worse by dogmatic cuts insisted on by the Conservative Government."

The Lib Dems believe that it is essential to keep open as many sites and facilities as possible, whilst seeking alternative means to reduce costs as, once they're closed, they are lost forever.

The County Council is currently consulting on it's budget savings proposals for 2016/17. You can view the proposals and make comments until 30th November using the link below:


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